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Who We Are

   A House for ME is an exciting project to provide housing and support services to people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in a new way.

What We Do

The goal of our project is to create small housing situations. We want to work specifically with people with disabilities who also have some sort of income stream that will allow them to afford part or all of their housing costs.  Some may be able to afford to live alone, and others may choose to have a roommate to share costs. Using the 19 hours available through Section 29 and supplementing that as necessary with supports from family, friends, volunteers, students, and others from the community make this a realistic and achievable model.


We want to avoid surrounding people with 24/7 paid staff, as we believe this further insulates individuals from their community. We want to encourage people to be a part of their community, to work to their ability, to participate in community groups and activities, and to be a real part of the community at large.